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perhaps the alliance (NAMH) does not have the courage?

Letter to Editor:


San Antonio, Texas, August 2009.

96 Crossroads Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas 78201
Phone: 210-412-3617
[email protected]

Pastor Israel Castillo
President of Nueva Alianza Ministerial Hispana

Pastor Héctor Armando Guel
Vocal Board NAMH
Templo Tabernáculo
Confraternidad de Iglesias Cristianas Hispana USA
5642 Monterey St. San Antonio, Texas 78237
Telephone 210-771-2160
[email protected]

María Obregón
Treasurer NAMH
Arca de Noe
3905 Fredericksburg SA TX 78201 / USA

210-342-0240 / 210-342-0293 fax
[email protected]



Reference July 30, 2009 NAMH meeting


Please tell America the truth!


What is the importance of the New Hispanic Ministerial Alliance / NAMH?

  On august, a local representative from the U.S. conference of catholic bishops—archbishop Jose H. Gomez, stated publicly in unequivocal language his support for Immigration Reform. And the same week community action organizers (cops/metro alliance) here in San Antonio conducted an important meeting to address immigration reform, during the current (2009) congressional session—111th congress, 1st session. 


   The new alliance (NAMH) has met with San Antonio Newspaper director Rodolfo Macias (Immigration Reform Action: Congressman Luis Gutierrez from Chicago come to SA, and ‘March for Justice’ —San Antonio to Washington, D.C.-) now the time has come for the alliance to provide an answer to Rodolfo Macias, —will the alliance lead America in seeking justice for immigrants, or, perhaps the alliance (Nueva Alianza Ministerial Hispana) does not have the courage?

During our meeting, Monday, august 24, 2009 with Pastors: Jose Santana, Israel Castillo and Hector Armando Guel, why didn’t the pastors provide, in representing the Alliance, the answer to the actions proposed for Rodolfo Macias —which were approved during the July 30th meeting?

Why the didn’t Alliance go to the Press Conference at City Hall to speak with the Mayor Julian Castro to suspend application federal law 287 (G) before confirming with Macias July 28, to send its representative?


Rhett Smith
Co-founder Veterans for Immigrants (Chapter San Antonio)

P. O. Box 17271

San Antonio, TX 78217
phone 210-300-4750
e-mail [email protected]