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Come one, come all! Annual Prayathon-SA

SAN ANTONIO, TX. — Join with hundreds from around the city. Come participate in a significant spiritual event where Christians from all over San Antonio gather to usher in the year with power, unified prayer and praise!

In every PRAYATHON there is excitement as the participants rotate to different prayer stations that include titles such as "Families," "City Government," and "Revival."  Times of corporate praise and worship are celebrated throughout the morning.

The first PRAYATHON grew out of a vision that the Lord gave to the late Pastor Eddie Cantu after he had run his first marathon.  The idea of Christians coming together in a neutral, central location and praying for five hours (the time allotted for a marathon) was enthusiastically endorsed as a "God idea" by different pastors and ministry leaders in the San Antonio area who labored to launch this event.

A PRAYATHON is a God-inspired event manifesting extraordinary prayer, visible unity and explicitly agreement: the three key ingredients present during historic revivals of the past. 

The History of the “Prayathon”

The idea for a San Antonio area “Prayathon” originated with Pastor Eddie Cantu, who went to be with the Lord on July 25, 2003.  He grew up here in San Antonio and was lately the pastor of a congregation called The Father’s Love Fellowship.  One of Eddie’s joys was praying weekly with a group of pastors for unity and revival.  He had a heart to see Christians of all denominations, and all ethnic and socio-economic groups coming together to reach San Antonio for Christ.

In November 2002, Eddie realized a lifetime goal of running and finishing the San Antonio Marathon.  As he reflected on this a few months later, he felt the Lord impress upon him that there was another reason he was allowed to accomplish this goal.  He then was given the idea for a “Prayathon.”  What if the Christians in the city came together in a neutral, central location and prayed together for 5 hours, the time allotted for running a marathon?

When Eddie shared his idea with other pastors, Gerald Ripley of Abundant Life Church volunteered to help with the administrative details to see this vision brought forth.  They then shared it with another group of pastors, the Gathering; with Soapy Dollar of Campus Crusade; City Reachers of San Antonio; and Women’s Neighborhood Prayer International, who all endorsed this as a “God-inspired idea for this season.”  After Eddie’s death, it was decided that this vision should not be allowed to stop, but should be faithfully carried out. 

A Steering Committee of diverse ethnic and ministry back-grounds was created to accomplish this goal and the Inaugural Eddie Cantu Memorial Prayathon was born.