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Pacquiao vs Hatton Final Press Conference Quotes





"I am ready for the fight on Saturday. I know Ricky Hatton has trained hard for this fight. I have seen it on 24/7.


"I respect Ricky Hatton. He is a good person. He is a nice guy and I would like to remind everyone that there is nothing personal for this fight and we are just doing our job to give a good fight to the people and make them happy.


"Specifically to the Filipino people who are looking for a victory on Saturday, I will do my best to bring honor to our country.


"I would like to especially like to thank my wife Jinkee and my Mom, who is here for the first time watching one of my fights live.


"My last fight was impressive, I won money."





"I think you have all made your mind up already. I have been reading what you have been saying and what everyone has been saying.  That doesn’t scare me. I have been here before. I have been the underdog before.


"I hear what you say. ‘He is an over-hyped, over-protected, fat beer drinking Englishman. Guess what…that "he" is going to shock the world again.


"It doesn’t scare me being in this position. This is my weight division, but I understand that I am the underdog. I understand why people are picking on me especially since Manny Pacquiao is the number one pound for pound fighter in the world who just had an exceptional win over Oscar.


"They call this the Battle of East and West. And our worlds will collide in the ring on Saturday night."


FREDDIE ROACH, Pacquiao’s Trainer


"I’ve got the best fighter.


"Manny is in the greatest shape of his life.


"I’ve been telling Manny all along that I will be disappointed if the fight goes longer than three rounds."




Mayweather Original Poem

I am being for real and saying what I feel,

This is the truest quote that I ever wrote,

From the first to the last note,

Hey Pac,

Its over, so quit wishing on a four leaf clover,

You got a choice to make,

You’re at the cross roads,

You gotta make up your mind,

You can go right or you can go left,

And you can’t depend on nobody else,

We need to do what we need to do

It ain’t personal between me and you,

Come May 2nd, you will be uncrowned with your head hanging down,

The pain and stress left to confess that the Hitman’s the best,

So lets make it simple and plain after this fight, Pac will never be the same,

It aint no diggity it aint no doubt, Pac’s gonna find out what its all about,

When he beat the ole legend Oscar de la Hoya,

He was over the hill,

Now its time for you to swallow the same damn pill,

So get your tickets now peoples-and lets make it clear,

That the Pacman ass woopin is almost here,

It aint no secret and I hope you know,

The Hitman Hatton by KO!



BOB ARUM, Chairman of Top Rank Inc.


"You’re going to find that our camp is a little more restrained. Just remember, Freddie Roach, Manny’s trainer, is training the future president of the Philippines.


"He (Roach) is the best trainer in the sport of boxing, more than just that, there has to be a great bond between a trainer and fighter and that is not something that comes into effect with one training period. It is built up over the years as they go into battle together time after time after time.


"People wonder why this fight is becoming the success that it is. I think there is one reason that has made this the event that it is and that is that people have learned about Manny Pacquiao.


"The Philippines has the best social welfare system in the world and it is called Manny Pacquiao."



OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President of Golden Boy Promotions


"Ricky Hatton against Manny Pacquiao; I know for a fact this fight is going to exceed all expectations.


"I have talked to people all over the country and the fact is that people want to watch this fight not because of the fighters’ abilities, not because they can fight and have come to give fans an exciting fight, but because of respect. People respect what Pacquiao and Hatton can do in the ring.


"That’s why people are going to watch this fight, because they respect both of these fighters and they know they are going to see a great great match.


"We are very proud to be a part of such a mega event that is not just big in the Philippines, not just big in Manchester, but big all around the world."