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Wednesday April 1st 2009

Today was my first proper day training over here – which was no joke, believe me.

I went for a run in the morning around a local park, where I think I might be spending plenty more time over the next few weeks.

We then went down to the IBA gym which is great. Its a private facility and in easy distance of our apartment.

I did a work out with Floyd, who was delighted to be back on solid ground, and I loved it.

Thursday 2nd April 2009

Today was the first day of sparring and I did six rounds with the former amateur world welterweight champion Erislandy Lara. He is a tough south paw who is signed by Goldenboy and will most likely be on my undercard. Gareth has flown back to England and will be back soon, so at the moment theres just a small team here at the IBA gym.

HBO are filming for the 24/7 series so they have been following me both in and out of the gymnasium. They make a fantastic show and I will be looking forward to watching it when it airs here in the states. I am taking things easy this week as I try to get into the swing of things and get over the jet lag. I have been running around the park in the mornings but next week will be the mountains. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Floyd has me running in boots. it dont half make your legs feel heavy. 

I like to listen to oasis, kings of leon and the stone roses. I have set my ipod so that when i am coming towards the end of the run, which is five miles, the rolling stones come on and I pick up the pace for a fast sprint finish, songs like start me up and satisfaction really get me going at the end. I know its daft but when you get a good track it really lifts you.

Saturday April 4th 2009

It was a rest day, but I was up at the crack of dawn to head down to the Crown & Anchor pub to watch City take on Arsenal. The less said about that the better, we just didn’t play well at all.

The lads have got hold of some face masks that have a life-size photo of my face on them, and all stuck them on when my back was turned.

When I saw them, it was a little weird and a bit of a surprise. We are hoping to get hold of a load to give out to fans at the weigh-in.

More shopping then back to the apartment to chill for the afternoon.

As you all know I have been coming over to Vegas for a couple of years now and I have made plenty of friends over here. In the evening I went over for a barbecue and a catch-up with two of them.

Raymin and Paymon are brothers and whenever I am in training camp we always go over to theirs to watch live boxing on TV.

Tonight was Timothy Bradley against Kendall Holt.

I agreed with the judges who gave Bradley the decision; I just didn’t think Holt did enough to win the fight and he looked tired at times.

Bradley might not possess the same power as Holt, but he out-worked him with a good pace.

Tuesday April 7th 2009

Today was my first visit to Mount Charleston.

And I can confirm it’s not changed since the last visit – it’s still as tough.

I put my big old boots on and ran up the mountain with my mate Sam Cantwell. Sam is the son of my good friend, former British Flyweight champion, Micky Cantwell. He’s only tiny though and makes me look like Gulliver!

The weather has picked up and it was quite hot during the day. Nice to see the old current bun shining, I have to say.

After that, I went down to the famous Las Vegas sign for a photo call with Sky. They have done some improvements at the sign.

I understand that somebody got knocked down and killed so they have made some safety changes, like a fence and car parking.

I was in fancy dress again. You’ll have to wait until nearer the fight to find out what the outfit is, but no, it isn’t the Spice Girls’ Union Jack outfit!

Back to the apartment for dinner and following that we had our first game of cards. After running up Mount Charleston it was definitely an early night.

Wednesday April 8th 2009

I went to the park and did some sprints this morning.

I am definitely fitter at this time in my training camp than I was for the Paulie Malignaggi fight, which is a good sign.

After breakfast I went for a walk onto the strip and had a brew in Caesars.

Sparring today and I have more new sparring partners.

Today I got in the ring with Cornelious Lock, Marvin Quintero, who have joined together with Mookie (Cleotis Bendarvis).

After the gym session I went and did my blood and urine tests. It’s the same every fight. Screening for HIV, Hepatitis B etc.

After dinner I went for another stroll into Vegas.

Having been here nearly two weeks now the hardest part is passing the time, especially when you are away from your family for so long.

I love Vegas, but its tough when you are in training camp.

Hopefully come May 2 it will all pay off. I know that I am working to secure my son Campbell’s future.

Thursday April 9th 2009

Up Mount Charleston again today, I did a four-mile fun up the good old mountain.

But big news… I had to do the run on my own as somebody has swiped Sam Cantwells running shoes.

It is a mystery who would want to take them though, he has such tiny feet. I am going to have to nip down to Mothercare and get him a new pair!

He was gutted that he couldn’t do the run this morning. Or at least that’s what he told me.

Back to the appartment and rest. I called into the Crown and Anchor to watch Manchester City play Hamburg in the UEFA Cup.

They got beat 3-1 and City have got it all to do when they play again in Manchester next week.I just hope Robinho can knock a couple in for us!

At the gym we decided not to do too much today, a gentle workout, as I am well on the way towards fitness already.

Following the gym I headed over to the Mandalay Bay to finish signing boxing gloves for the promoters.

These are signed by myself and Manny and are used for competitions and gifts to help promote the fight.

Mind you, if I never have to sign another boxing glove it wont be a day too soon!, my own television company on the internet, came around and filmed the team having our evening meal.

Nigel and Graham have been with me all week so if you get the chance go to the site and check out what I have been up to this last week.

I also had to liaise with people from my clothing company ‘Hatton’ about some new designs for the next range we are bringing out.

To end a busy day I popped down to the MGM Grand to do a photo call for Sky.

While I was in the casino I had a little flutter on the blackjack table… that’s one of the problems with fighting in Vegas!

Friday 10th April 2009

The last day of week two. I had a lie in today then I walked up to the strip and had breakfast in Caesars Palace. After that it was back to the gym where I sparred with Marvin, Mookie and Cornelious. I was pleased with the pace and quality of sparring. The sessions are getting longer as the fight draws closer. I had a brew and then a quick run around sunset park.

I have a new range of clothing coming out, which suprisingly enough will be named HATTON. So today everybody in the gym was kitted out top to toe, even the sparring partners were in the gear for a photo shoot to promote the new autumn range. Its been a hard week but following the sparring we had a bit of a laugh, some of the lads were practising dancing for some reason, Speakie, Kuggan, Ramin and even Floyd got in on the act. 24/7 filmed it all . I bet if Manny sees it he thinks we are all a bunch of crazy clowns. Its good to have a laugh it lightens things up.

After training it was back to the apartment for a massage and rub down. Its important to loosen the muscles after a hard weeks work. Later in the day I went down to old Las Vegas where I visited Freemont Street with the rest of my team, I went into Binnions for a game of blackjack as I like a flutter every now and again, I only bet a small amount and today I lost about $100.00, I especially like down town Las Vegas, I like to take Jennifer down to Freemont Street when I am out of training, there is always something going on like the light show, music street entertainers etc its just my cup of tea. Today I also got to pose in front of a glass display case that holds $1,000,000 in $100 notes, nice one.

Saturday 11th April 2009

I walked up to the strip again and the cafe at caesars got another visit. I did a little bit of shopping and got some new sunglasses. I always lose mine and withing half a day guess what, I lost my new sunglasses!!!! I finished off the photo shoot for the clothing range today at a classic car rental outlet off Tropicana. The photo shoot only took an hour but it relieves some of the boredom of training camp.
After the photo shoot we went into the Fashion Show Mall and I paid a visit to the Nordstrum store. Every time I hit Vegas I like to go there for new clothes.

We had our meal in the mall and then back to the apartment for a quick shower. Tonight is fight night in Vegas, so we headed for the Winky Wright v Paul Williams fight. Not suprisingly Paul Williams won and I got to have quick chat with him. As you can see from the photo, he is huge!!! and to think not that long ago he was fighting at Welterweight. I met up with Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer from Goldenboy, my promoters for the Pacquaio fight. I also bumped into Mike Tyson, to think in his prime the best heavyweight in my generation. I also met Sugar Shane Mosely, Shane has gone on record today saying that he wants to fight the winner between Manny and myself.

Following the boxing we headed down to the Hard Rock cafe for our supper. We had a steak in one of the new restaurants, I really like the music at the hard rock as they played a lot of 80’s and Rock music. At the moment we have one CD in the team van a Nickleback CD which is on all the time and Floyd hates it, Floyd is mor of a soul man.

Sunday April 12th 2009

Easter Sunday, but no chocolate eggs for me today, not that I am bothered I don’t eat much chocolate – I’m more into savouries.

Well, today our Matthew arrived full of the joys of Spring.

It’s nice to have our kid here with me, he’s not just my brother he’s my best mate as well. Matthew picked up a little cut that needed one stitch when he fought Ted Bami.

t’s healed up nicely now, so it’s looking like he will be fighting on my undercard.

Today I went into that largest gift shop in Vegas and bought some absolute tat. I got some t-shirts, fridge magnets and tin plate signs for my new house, round the corner from where I live now.

I bought a new Heartbreak Hotel sign and that will be going up soon as the building work is finished! I went down to the buffet at the Rio in the morning, on the way in I saw the adult movie star Ron Jeremy.

He hadn’t a clue who I was and when one of the lads let on to him he ignored us. Not a bad judge of character, I suppose.

Monday April 13th 2009

In the morning we ran around Sunset Park and Sam Cantwell was in the wars.

Having already had his trainers disappear, he got sunburn sitting round the pool on Sunday and then when we were down the gym he got caught by our Matt’s elbow and has a lump on his head the size of an egg. Not his day, today!

Sparring again, with Marvin, Cornelious and a new kid, Daniel Mitchell. The rounds are increasing now and I am happy with the pace. My weight is spot on and my fitness is great.

Following training me and Matt had to nip over to the medical centre to do our physicals for the fight, then it was back to the apartment for dinner and in the evening, some autograph signing.

I have a agreement with EA Sports, I am one of the characters in their Fight Night game, so I signed (yet more) gloves and photographs for competition prizes.

I spoke with my fiancee Jennifer today, she is in Spain. I woke her up as I got the time difference wrong – trust me!

Jennifer is getting my apartment ready for after the fight. No sooner do I get back to England, than I will be off on holiday to Spain… already I can’t wait!

Tuesday April 14th 2009

Up Mount Charleston again today, although this time I took a different route.

I went past a village that had its own school and library, 8,000 feet above sea level. It’s very cold up there and there is still snow on the ground in some places, which is a bit different to The Strip!

Then it was down to the gym to work with Floyd and Lee on the pads.

As fight night draws closer the media attention has increased, including the couple of interviews I had to do after training.

But they were overshadowed by the news that Oscar de la Hoya has today announced his retirement. I think he has made the right decision. He is a six-time world champion, who has fought the very best; he has nothing else to prove and leaves behind him a great boxing legacy.

Oscar can is also of course a very successful promoter, the head of Golden Boy Promotions along with Richard Schaeffer, who will be promoting my fight with Manny of course. I am proud to call the Golden Boy my friend.

Wednesday April 15th 2009

More sparring and I have to say, I was very pleased with today’s workout.

I really feel that everything is coming together at the right time. My weight is bang on target, my fitness is brilliant and I really can’t wait for May 2.

After training me and our Matthew had to do an eye test for the Nevada State Commission. They stick some drops in your eyes and it really does make your vision blurry for a couple of hours after, I can tell you.

But the good people at the Nevada State Commission think of the fighters and because the sun is so bright out here, they gave us a pair of huge, temporary sunglasses each.

We looked like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles as we walked out onto the street!

When I got back to the apartment I could barely believe my eyes, because there was a parcel from my son, Campbell. He’d made me a present of a small Easter bag with some mini chocolate eggs and a card.

It made me miss him even more and I can’t wait to see him again. The chocolate though, will have to wait until after the fight.

After dinner we chilled out with a game of cards. We always play a game called Crash and regular readers of my diary won’t be surprised to know Matthew won again.

In fact he normally wins – he’s dead jammy at cards. Still, I suppose it’s nice to have him out here with us…

Thursday, April 16

ESPN sent a film crew to follow me for a fly-on-the-wall special for the ‘Jim Rome is Burning’ show. That started with a run around Sunset Park and then it was down to the gym after a rest for a press media day.

It’s a chance for all of the top American TV, radio and internet journalists to get their one-on-one interviews to preview the fight.

Me and Floyd went through some pad work and I did a workout for the photographers. Then we had a visit to the local Starbucks for a coffee and a chill out before heading back to the apartment for dinner. We had a game of cards then it was early to bed.

Also Adrian Gonzalez, my trainer Lee Beard’s son arrived today. Adrian has had three fights now and is unbeaten as a professional

Friday, April 17

Sparring today and another eight rounds under my belt.

Following training I went back to the apartment. It’s getting hotter by the day over here so I put the sun cream on and went for a bit of sunbathing around the pool at our apartment and finished with a quick jump in the Jacuzzi.

I don’t mind a bit of sunbathing but I can only take so much sun before I get burned so I have to put plenty of cream on.

After dinner I went down the Strip with the lads and had a walk through a couple of casinos.

Saturday, April 18

Rest day so that means a well deserved lie in!

I went and had a mooch in some of the casinos and then back to the apartment.

I like to have a massage and as Matthew is here as well, we had our massage late afternoon. I even managed to get an interview in whilst I was having it!

In the evening I went down the Strip and had a walk through the casinos.

Sunday, April 19

The weather has definitely picked up so we went over to Floyd’s house for a barbeque.

We had fried chicken, ribs, grilled chicken, macaroni cheese and even had corn bread and some Cool Aid. That’s another string to Floyd’s bow – master chef!

He showed us his wardrobe with all his fancy suits and he also showed us some paintings he did. They are very good. He has painted Muhammad Ali, Elvis and James Brown.

We watched the second instalment of 24/7 on DVD. Now I know why Floyd was a little late for the gym last week. He got caught on film getting a burrito and Mountain Dew on the way.

On the way home we called by the shopping outlet at Charleston. It’s the first chance Matthew has had to do any shopping.

I managed to speak with Campbell today. He was with my mum and dad at their house so I managed to speak to him for a short time. I miss him loads but it won’t be long now before I see him.

Jennifer came back from Spain today. She has been getting my apartment ready for when I go out on holiday after the fight.

Monday, April 20

I spoke with my dad today on the phone and he updated me on the gym back in Hyde. It’s almost finished and we hope to have an official opening on May 12th.

This week I will start running in the evening to acclimatise with the fight time. I then went down the gym and worked on the pads with Floyd and Lee.

After the gym we went over to the Mandalay Bay for a chill. Dinner at the apartment and then another game of cards.

One of my friends, Mark, has joined us. He’s a photographer for The Sun and always joins us for the last two weeks. He brought some DVD’s with him so we watched them.

Tuesday April 21st 2009

Another day closer to the fight and I cannot wait!

I did a conference call with the American press before heading off to the gym.

When I got there I did some more padwork with Floyd and Lee Beard – we have been working more and more on the technical moves I am going to need.

After that it was back to the apartment for a quick bite to eat, but it is noticeable now that there is more and more interviews that need doing to promote the fight.

It’s all part of promoting the fight and if it helps make the world take notice of me v Manny, I don’t mind.

Wednesday April 22nd 2009 

Today was the last day of sparring and I have to say I felt strong and fit.

I was very pleased with my workout today and I genuinely think the amount of sparring we have done for this is just right. Now it is time to concentrate more and more on the technical work, sharpen my tools.

At least that means it might be a little cooler. Today was an absolute scorcher in the gym and has been getting hotter and hotter by the day out here. Manchester it certainly ain’t!

After the gym I popped down to the MGM Grand, but not to look at the scene of where I will be fighting on May 2, but to have a brew at Starbucks! I do like their coffee, especially when I am out here in Vegas.

After dinner we all sat down for another game of cards. And I am delighted to tell you all that at long last, my luck has changed – and not before time!

Maybe my luck is turning at just the right time because I came across a new game in the casino recently, called ‘War’.

You basically bet that you have a higher card than the dealer. I managed to win $300 the other night so with that and having finally won against the lads, I am on a roll.

Mind you, I won’t be able to retire just yet – we only play for a few dollars amongst ourselves, just a bit of fun to pass the time. That said, it is nice to take any money at all off the boys!

I celebrated by sitting down to watch some DVD’s, the usual comedies plus some boxing ones, including one on Mike Tyson. What a great fighter he was in his prime. Just awesome.

Thursday April 23rd 2009

I have started to have a lie-in now in the morning because I am running at night to allow my body to adjust to the time I will fight over here.

At the gym today I did some tactical work with Floyd and Lee Beard and everything is bang on target. It’s just a matter of fine-tuning one or two things.

After training we called in at the supermarket. I bought some more dvds and some clothes; it’s not bad here – you can all but get a full summer outfit for a tenner (well almost)!

Friday April 24th 2009

Today is the last day of my hard weeks. All the fitness and conditioning training has paid off and I am feeling really good. Lots of British people are starting to arrive in Vegas now for the fight.

I spoke with my dad, Ray, and he told me that the fight is officially a sell out. I am expecting between 10,000 and 15,000 Brits to come over for the fight.

I might not have won the title pound-for-pound best fighter in the world when I fought Floyd Jnr, but one title I have without doubt is the best fight fans in the world.

My management team has negotiated a Ricky Hatton signature range and I took delivery of one of the first samples today. I am impressed. That reminds me my own brand ‘Hatton’ hits the streets soon.

With a big fight there is always commemorative merchandise around and I saw the design for the Hatton v Pacquiao fight.

It’s been done by R Slone and the design features on the cover of this month’s Ring Magazine. I saw Richard today at the Mandalay Bay hotel and signed some original artwork for the fight after we had a coffee.

At night we had our meal and following a game of cards we all went down to Sunset Park and did a run.

The park was packed with kids camping out, families, boy scouts, army cadets, the place was rammed. 24/7 filmed the run from a golf buggy.

Saturday April 25th 2009

After a hard week the weekend is here, and a good lie-in is welcome. I went for a stroll to Caesars and had some lunch with the lads, then into the casino to play some roulette. Nothing serious.

I have a masseur who calls on weekends, and both me and our Matthew had a good massage.

At weekends we eat out, so we went up to the Palms casino where I bumped into my mate Michael Greco, who is now in charge of entertainment.

We had a great meal in the NOVE restaurant. It’s at the top of the Palms overlooking Vegas. The Palms is a great hotel, and it’s where I went to watch Oasis after the De La Hoya-Pacquiao fight.

After the meal, it’s back to the apartment to watch some DVDs and get an early night.

Sunday April 26th 2009

This is really the start of fight week as the Brits start to come into town. The British press are starting to come over now, too.

Jennifer, my dad and my solicitor and partner in Hatton promotions – Gareth Williams – arrived on the Manchester flight. BMI are stopping the direct route from Manchester to Vegas – I can’t understand why.

My television company arrived and I did an interview around the pool at my apartment.

I went into the MGM and noticed they have put some fight merchandise in the shops. You can tell the fight is only a week away as the hotels are busier than normal. It will be crazy on fight night.

I met up with Jennifer and my dad at their hotel, it’s great to see the family again after being away for what seems like ages. Mum arrives in the week with the rest of the family.

I went with Jennifer and my dad for a meal at the studio cafe at the MGM. After dinner it was back to my apartment for DVDs and another early night.

Monday April 27th 2009

The first day of the last week in training camp. I am training earlier in the day this week as Manny is sharing the same gym in the afternoon. I worked on the pads with Lee on technique and went through some moves with Floyd.

Gene Kilroy called by the gym. Gene used to work for Muhammad Ali back in the day, and he is a mate of Tom Jones as well. Gene told me that Tom might be singing the British national anthem on fight night. I hope he does – he’s brilliant. Whenever I’m in Vegas I like to try and catch his show.

After training I went for a brew at Starbucks and then for a haircut and a pedicure. It feels good getting the blisters and hard skin removed after running up those mountains in my boots.

We called over to the MGM for a Starbucks. They have put a ring in the entrance to promote the fight, and even more Brits are arriving.

I went for a nice jog around Sunset Park and then down to the MGM to meet all the British journalists for a press conference.


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