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Mayor Hardberger the Puppet Master or the Puppet


Source: Southwest Workers Union / Diana Lopez


Students, Teachers and Community Leaders come together in opposition towards the expansion of the South Texas Nuclear Project, which will add 2 nuclear reactors in Bay City, TX. The story will be represented by hand-made puppets of Mayor Hardberger, CPS and Nuclear as a letter is also represented to the elected officials.


Wednesday February 4th

4:30-5:00 pm

In front of City Hall


In Mayor Hardberger’s State of the City Address, he praised his sustainability plan for the city, talking about the past and quickly moving towards future project to make San Antonio one of leaders in green jobs and sustainability.  One thing the mayor failed to mention is that a few days before his speech he approved $60 million to CPS’s  study of 2 more nuclear reactors in Bay City,TX,  thus leading San Antonio rate payers in a path towards higher electric bills without any input.


“I have not heard anything about the project for months, then out of nowhere they come out with the additions. Mayor Hardberger kept it out of his speech because he knows it does not coordinate with his  energy sustainability plan that he has for the city, ” stated 18 year old Edison High School student Melissa Veloz, an active member of the Youth Leadership Organization.


Organizations will propose a plan of action to the Mayor to ensure a just, sustainable legacy through weatherization, energy efficiency, decoupling energy production from profit and conducting a greenhouse gas inventory.


“This is one project that can’t simply be fixed by planting more trees,” said Guadalupe Alvarado, president of the Committee for Environmental Justice Action. “Hardberger says that nothing is definite, but they have already invested $276 million into the project with to us looks like a sure deal. This affects us as much as it affects him so why all the secrets?”